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Carl Lovén

As for printer I am very happy with my 3800, it is a great machine and does everything to the dot. And as you write, you ”save” ink, to what extent I do not know but I think it is somewhere in-between a few dollars/cents, mainly a marketing gimmick though.

That said, it is a terrible machine for the un-techie person really. I would not call myself any kind of expert but it really took me a while to understand the art of printing, how to use the paper profiles, and how to match my screens with the printer. And the Wi-Fi. Just do not use it simply. A 11x17 print for me can take anywhere between 12-30 minutes depending on size and wifi connection.

All and all I would recommend this printer, but for first semester I think more people should share one together, seeing as I mainly used my cheap Epson XP410 for most work.

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